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Meet the Lead Heiress

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Jamésa S. Adams, MBA (Lead Heiress, Event Design & Planning)
 The Lead Heiress, Jamésa Adams is the founder and visionary of  Jayne Heir Weddings. Adams is passionate about providing high quality services to enhance the overall wedding planning experience  for couples that desire a grandeur event. After becoming a bride in  2011, Adams experienced the stress and challenges of planning a wedding solely on her own. Based upon her own wedding planning experience, she developed a passion to assist other couples in  achieving their dream wedding; while alleviating unnecessary stress for her brides. As a lover of lavish and fabulous aspects of life, Adams incorporates her “heiress” mentality into all of her wedding  celebrations, aiming to exceed expectations for the wedding couple and their guests.

Photography by D. Finney Photography & Design